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Streamlining Digital Signage

In today’s fast-paced world, the education sector is continually evolving to meet the demands of the digital age. One significant advancement is the adoption of simplified, low-cost, cloud-based digital signage platforms. These platforms are revolutionizing how institutions communicate, engage with the community, and respond to emergencies. Partnering with UIT-Academic Technologies, the Department of Public Safety, Honors College, College of Liberal Arts, College of Health, and College of Science have embraced this digital transformation opportunity, and recently deployed, or converted over 20 display systems based on this new platform.

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Academic Technologies


Ah, fall. The weather turns, the colors turn, and the students re-turn in force. The seasons of the calendar line up closely with the academic terms, and over the years one feels the rhythm echo in their own lives. Working on campus has a special kind of pace, similar to watching the ocean. Over time, tides come in, stick around, then ebb away…only to make room for the next tide.

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Academic Technologies

Cybersecurity Month: Protect Your Data, Protect OSU

October is Cybersecurity Month, a national initiative to raise awareness and promote best practices for online safety and security. As members of the Oregon State University community, we all have a responsibility to protect our data, our accounts, and our institution from cyber threats.

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Academic Technologies

Summer Projects in Teaching and Learning Spaces

We are pleased to share some of the highlights of our Classroom Technology Services and Technical Services work during the summer of 2023. With the challenges of the supply chain impact on critical audio/visual components, our ability to schedule out the entire summer was limited.

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Academic Technologies

Student Emails Have Migrated to Microsoft 365

As you may know, OSU moved all student email accounts from Gmail to Microsoft 365 in summer 2023. This change affects how you communicate with your students and other university services. In this blog post, I will explain the reasons behind this change, the benefits of using Microsoft 365 email, and some tips and tricks to access many useful tools.

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Academic Technologies

Learn@OregonState Fall 2023 Updates

Learn@OregonState is your one-stop destination for accessing all the online tools and resources that support your teaching and learning at Oregon State University. Whether you are an instructor, a student, or a staff member, you can find everything you need to enhance your online experience with OSU. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the new features and updates that are available for fall 2023.

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Academic Technologies

Academic Technology’s mission is to enrich OSU’s academic ecosystem, enable innovative pedagogy and information sharing through effective use of technology, and enhance the student experience.
We attain our mission through:
  • Leadership in understanding and applying instructional and communication technology trends and innovations
  • Investing in products and services that align and integrate with the goals and needs of OSU students and faculty
  • Maximizing the University’s investments through user support, training and resource maintenance
Guiding Principles of Academic Technologies
Guiding Principles     Academic Technologies


We strive to build long-term relationships that improve services and gain efficiencies.

Client Focused

We provide one-to-one support and consultation in all our core functions.

Campus Focused

We accept our responsibility as a central service and consider campus-wide needs and long-term benefits in all activities and investments.

Outcome Focused

We consider careful planning and broad input as key in designing applications and services, and we consider assessment and evaluation as components in ongoing support.


We take pride in our collaborative approach in fostering and growing innovative uses of technology to meet campus needs and solve problems.

Transparent Technology

We understand technologies as tools to advance and improve communication, learning and outreach. We remain focused on the human activities when advancing technology.

Our Departments

Classroom Technology Services

Provides instructional and presentation technology for classrooms, conference facilities, and special events.

Learning Platform Services

Learning Platform Services provides technical, operational and user support for Learn@OregonState, OSU’s dynamic learning ecosystem that allows the OSU community to manage a broad array of teaching and learning resources in one succinct space

Media Services

Produces media and instructional products for media networks, web applications, DVD distribution and television. Staff also support videoconferencing, broadcasting and streaming infrastructure.

Media Hub

Media Hub is a multimedia unit available for use by all currently enrolled OSU students, faculty, and staff working on academic projects. Whether that’s designing a print, creating a podcast, photography project, or video assignment; 
Media Hub is there to help with a variety of resources tailored to fit your needs. 

Technical Services

Provides audio/video engineering support and consultation, design and installation of innovative media solutions for learning and collaboration spaces and event facilities.

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