FMC Update: Spring 2022

By: Academic Technologies

Posted on: March 21, 2022

We have some exciting news and updates to share from this 2021-2022 academic year so far. Discover how the Faculty Media Center is supporting DIY instructional media at OSU!

FMC Lightboard

In Fall 2021, we launched our NEW Lightboard at the FMC Studios! Available for use by all OSU faculty and staff, the FMC Lightboard is a great tool for creating compelling, visually dynamic videos to help you effectively connect with your students. OSU Chemistry instructors Cassandra Siler and Jie Zhang integrated Lightboard learning videos in their Fall and Winter courses and both have experienced positive feedback from their students. Check out our FMC Lightboard blog post to learn more about the Lightboard and Cassie and Jie’s experience creating content at the Faculty Media Center!

FMC Client Spotlight

During Winter 2022, we had the pleasure of working with Michelle McAllaster, Head Advisor in the College of Agricultural Sciences for our FMC Client Spotlight Series. Michelle came to the Faculty Media Center seeking guidance and support for a “New Student'” orientation video. The FMC staff helped Michelle prepare for her voice-over session with some suggestions on scripting and performance. Learn more about Michelle’s project and experience at the Faculty Media Center in this fantastic video interview produced by our partners in Academic Technologies – Media Services.

Equipment Loan

New for Spring 2022! Academic Technologies now provides free access to multimedia tools with our Media Equipment Loan service. The inventory of cameras, annotation tablets, USB microphones and other user-friendly technology tools are perfect for anyone wanting to capture content “in the field”, teach from an OSU classroom, or produce just-in-time instructional content from anywhere. The media equipment checkout service is provided in partnership with AT-Media Services units the Faculty Media Center (FMC) and Student Multimedia Services (SMS). 

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Throughout the 2021-2022 academic year, FMC continued to partner with the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to deliver workshops focused on the effective use of media in teaching. Collaborative offerings included Tuesday Teaching + Tech Talks, “Making Content Stick!” and “Using UDL to Address How we Assess”, as well as the ongoing Teaching with Media workshop series with Cub Kahn. For Spring Term 2022, FMC is exploring a new partnership with Yvette Gibson, CTL Teaching Fellow from the College of Agricultural Sciences, to offer instructional media-focused Sparkshops that explore story design, recording video ‘in the field’, and editing for interactivity. 

FMC Student Perspective

“Students are more likely to stay engaged when watching (media) content where they can feel personality and enthusiasm.”

Ryan, FMC student employee and senior Finance major at OSU, shares his insights, preferences, and experiences about learning with media and technology.



Click on the image to read Ryan's blog post

Learn more about the Faculty Media Center by checking out our FMC Experience blog post, or Schedule an Appointment to meet with us! We look forward to learning more about how we can support your DIY media creation needs. 

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