UIT Transforming Technology in Reser Stadium

By: Academic Technologies

Posted on: September 11, 2023


Reser Stadium, the home of the Oregon State University Beavers, has undergone a remarkable transformation in the past few years, thanks to the efforts of UIT. The team of experts and innovators from UIT-Academic Technologies has been involved in various projects to enhance the fan experience, improve safety and accessibility, and support the academic and athletic missions of OSU. 

We have been instrumental in all aspects of technology surrounding Reser Stadium. Taking years of personal experience and knowledge of game day operation was key surrounding the 2022-2023 Season while the entire technical and press operation were set up temporarily. UIT-Academic Technologies spent a year designing and working with vendors ensuring key infrastructure was in place so that crucial systems could be connected to the existing stadium.


With the construction and commissioning of the new West Side stands and press box UIT-Academic Technologies staff was along the entire way, throughout the design and commissioning process. These included new led fascia displays on the north and west side of the stands, LED displays in both club levels and the Welcome center, an IP digital television distribution system, partnership with the OSU Admissions with technology assets shared between Admissions and Athletics, New stadium lighting that is controllable in game, and soon to be a new stadium wide sound system. 

One of the most visible and impressive projects was the installation of a new videoboard on the west side of Reser Stadium, which was completed just before the 2022 season. The videoboard, which measures 164 feet wide by 48 feet tall, is one of the largest on the west coast and provides high-definition video for the fans. The videoboard also features interactive elements, such as live polls, trivia, social media feeds, and fan-generated content. The videoboard is powered by a custom-built control room that allows for seamless integration of live feeds, graphics, animations, and replays.


UIT-Academic Technologies is proud to be a part of Reser Stadium’s transformation and to contribute to OSU’s vision of excellence. UIT-Academic Technologies is committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance teaching, learning, research, and outreach at OSU. UIT-Academic Technologies is also dedicated to supporting OSU’s athletic programs and creating a memorable fan experience for everyone who visits Reser Stadium.   

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