Spring 2021 Newsletter

Project Spotlight

When a new university public safety model implements in a pandemic one practical question stands out: how to swear in new officers and conduct mandatory training remotely?

To solve the problem Oregon State University (Corvallis) Operations Lt. Jon-Michael McDaniel turned to the department of Academic Technology. By adapting their remote classroom model to the unique needs of Public Safety Don DeMello and Marc Cholewczynski provided an option for a designated, secure, professional, and secure space for critical law enforcement functions.

Lt. McDaniel reports that the designated collaboration system is an immediate success; “With the use of the video collaboration room, OSU PD was able to complete required training while still adhering to COVID restrictions. Academic Technology was great in all aspects of installing and training of the video collaboration room.”


Review the Canvas course checklist and faculty tools. Additionally, consider applying a Canvas course template format to your course to help provide a consistent experience for students as they navigate their multiple Canvas course sites. For help applying the template, email Canvas@oregonstate.edu.

TechKTA Update

The Tech Keep Teaching Assistant (TechKTA) program is continuing for Spring 2021! Need a little help to make your remote teaching Zoom sessions run a little smoother? Read about how TechKTAs are helping faculty do what they do best: teach. Submit TechKTA requests early.

Get to know Zoom with Media Services

Join Media Services for bimonthly Zoom workshops focusing on best practices for hosting events/workshops. Short presentations on Zoom Topics will be followed by Q&A with the presenters. All workshop presentations will be recorded and available within a week for those unable to attend.

Faculty Media Center

The Faculty Media Center (FMC) offers personalized, on-demand remote instructional media consulting support. Drop-in or book a consultation for help using media in remote and blended teaching, and to learn about the FMC media equipment loan service.

Canvas Updates

Accessibility Improvements in Canvas

Three accessibility updates are being applied to Canvas during spring break.

  • The ReadSpeaker tool in Canvas is being updated to allow users to move the widget away from the side of the browser screen when in use. Additional functional has been added and the widget has a new look and allows easier access to tool options.
  • Access to the ReadSpeaker TextAid tool is being placed in a user’s Account menu so that users can use the tool regardless of whether the tool has been enabled in a Canvas course module.
  • Microsoft’s Immersive Reader is being added to Canvas to provide another option for reading tools in Canvas content. The Immersive Reader provides additional options and tools for both instructors and students desiring screen reader capabilities.

Student View for Faculty

Canvas has added the Student View button to content pages within Canvas. This change allows instructors to enter student view directly from the content they are working on. The Student View button has been removed from the Settings page, which is not visible by students.

Qualtrics integration

A new Qualtrics integration in Canvas is now available. The integration allows faculty to deploy Qualtrics surveys through a Canvas assignment and have Qualtrics return a grade to Canvas when students submit the survey. Faculty should familiarize themselves with Qualtrics functionality prior to attempting to use the integration in Canvas. Once faculty have designed and created their Qualtrics survey, the Canvas team can help you add and deploy Qualtrics surveys in Canvas.

Kaltura Updates

New, Improved Audio Player

The player for audio entries in Kaltura has been needing a facelift for some time. This Spring you will find that the player has been improved to work better with audio entries.

Lecture Capture

The Ultimate Result of Operation 2-3-1: Lecture Capture in Every Classroom!

Throughout the Spring and Summer of 2020, Oregon State University’s Information Technology community came together for Operation 2-3-1, where every classroom on campus was converted to hybrid learning, with cameras and microphones. The ultimate result of this project is that every classroom on campus is now capable of performing lecture capture. Simply by running a tool you are now all familiar with – Zoom – you can start a recording and capture the cameras and microphones in the room. Find out more here.

Top Hat Updates

Have you tried Kahoot! to make your lectures more engaging? And wished there was a free student response system supported by OSU? Now there is! Top Hat is offering Top Hat Basic, which allows instructors to take attendance and poll students during remote and in-person lectures using 14 different question types. Students do not need a Top Hat license to use Top Hat Basic.

Poll results can be displayed on-screen. Aggregate scores for student responses are displayed in the Top Hat gradebook, but cannot be synched with the Canvas gradebook.

Find out more about Top Hat Basic and sign up here: https://tophat.com/basic-signup/ If you already have a Top Hat Pro account and want to use a Top Hat Basic course, please send a request via email to Canvas@oregonstate.edu.

151 OSU Commencment

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