DS@OSU Opens Student Access to Powerful Computing Environments

By: Academic Technologies

Posted on: October 5, 2022

Data Science@OSU (DS@OSU) places powerful computational environments and resources at the fingertips of students and instructors, regardless of their device. DS@OSU is designed to support interactive data science, and provides over 40 programming languages, including Python, R, and Julia, in a streamlined and highly accessible cloud environment. DS@OSU supports integrated explanations and coding, making data sciences understandable, repeatable, and shareable. 

Integrated with Canvas, DS@OSU provides seamless access for students to not only get assignments and learning materials, but also direct access to their own personal learning and computing environments, all within a web browser. The integration with Canvas provides faculty and student TA’s straightforward access to review and provide feedback on student assignments. 

DS@OSU Benefits:

Students learn and code in cutting-edge computing environments through a web browser, providing access to powerful data science services and resources available with nothing to install. DS@OSU supports students in following instruction, writing, and testing their own code at their own pace and environment. 

  • Open access to powerful computing environments
  • Cloud-based software accessed from your browser
  • Integrated with Canvas for seamless learning 
  • Reduced reliance on classroom computers and labs to complete coursework
  • Removes barriers to access tied computer requirements

DS@OSU is provided by UIT Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI). They support research and classroom instructional computing at Oregon State University, providing easy access to advanced high-performance computing (HPC) cluster, performance storage, data sharing, server housing space for research collocation and consultation services for remote cloud computing.

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