Welcome Back

Are you ready to be back on campus?

What to know

Most of the general purpose classrooms have been outfitted with cameras and microphones that work with the built in system to connect with Zoom. This coincides with workflow changes to lecture capture. You can learn more below.

Where to look

Below you will find information and links to the many resources for getting up to speed before transitioning back to on campus instruction.

When to go

Do not wait until 10 minutes before class to get up to speed. Visit the classroom you will be instructing in to get comfortable. If you need assistance you can request an in-room tech check below.

How to find help

Academic Technology is here to assist you with many of your technological needs. We are all working in tandem with the Center for Teching and Learning, UIT Service Desk and other campus partners. Below you will find links to resources and services offered by all out campus partners.

Be Prepared

There have been considerable changes to the technology in the classrooms since faculty and students were last on campus. We strongly encourage all our teachers to visit their classroom prior to the first day of class. 

Play it Forward

with Lecture Capture

All classrooms on campus are now capable of supporting lecture capture. But the means of lecture capture has changed. However, you have been training yourself to use the new lecture capture technology over the last several months. Oregon State University’s lecture capture solution is now based on Zoom. Whether you are connecting to a remote audience or not, you will be able to run Zoom on the computer in the classroom, select your desired sources, and start recording. Once your recording is completed, the video will migrate automatically to your Kaltura account which you will be able to access through My Media in Canvas and share (or not share) as you please.

Canvas Updates and More


A number of improvements have been added to the Kaltura video platform this fall. Consult the What’s New in Kaltura page for details on player updates, fixes, and new features.


OSU has begun archiving Canvas course sites that are three+ years old. The archiving process will run once a year. Only credit-bearing course sites will be archived. Studio sites and PACE course sites will not be archived. For more details, please review the frequently asked questions page for Canvas course archiving.

Top Hat

Equation formatting is available in Multiple Choice, and Matching or Sorting questions. Students have access to an improved note taking tool and they can also see their grades in either percentages or points. Instructors can excuse students from questions, Pages and Tests in a Top Hat course to accommodate extenuating circumstances.


Still not finding the resource you need to have a successful term? Use the links below to locate the information you need.

In-Room Tech Check

The technology in your classroom has changed. Academic Technology strongly encourages you to become reacquainted with your classroom. If you’d like to meet with a professional in your assigned classroom prior to the start of the term, please click the button below to schedule an appointment.

Tech Keep Teaching Assistants

Tech Keep Teaching Assistants are Academic Technology hourly employees trained to assist in Zoom Meetings. Faculty and Instructors may request a TechKTA to support course sections delivered in remote and blended modalities, so that they may focus on content and delivery. For example: managing breakout rooms; muting/unmuting students; looking out for students who virtually raise their hand; turning off students’ audio and/or video if it is disruptive; changing in meeting settings; and so on.

Faculty Media Center

The Faculty Media Center (FMC) helps you integrate media into your courses by providing instructional media consulting support and easy-to-use recording studios. Visit the FMC website to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Center for Teching and Learning

Whether you want to learn more about a core area of pedagogy, discuss a pedagogical challenge, or share a classroom victory, we are here for you. Explore our content using the drop down menus above.  To schedule a 1-on-1 teaching consultation contact CTL@oregonstate.edu. All meetings are confidential, and formative. While we are ready to help with general course design, and revision of assignments, assessments, and syllabi, we are also ready to engage with you on issues that develop during the term and need immediate attention.

151 OSU Commencment

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